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Price lower than analog processors Bilgileri


3 band digital processing
Digital stereo MPX coder
Digital RDS coder
Pc control
Very easy operation
Thanks to its long experience in the DSP audio field, Axel Technology is proud to present Falcon 15, a 3 band audio digital processor for FM radio broadcasting.
Reliable, compact and easy to operate, Falcon 15 incorporates, in a single piece of equipment, a Stereo MPX coder (including composite clipper) and a RDS coder.
Falcon 15 offers the proven competitive advantages of alldigital processing: operation versatility, instantaneous preset recall, Pc control, upgrade capability, consistent high quality, easy installation / configuration…

Falcon 15’s ‘all-in-one’ packaging avoids compatibility problems in connecting equipment of different types. It allows an extraordinary saving of both money and space.

Typical applications for the Falcon 15 are small and medium radio stations, radio relay stations and advertising splitting systems.

Falcon 15 comes with an user-friendly and reliable Pc control software which allows easy operations and a constant monitoring of all processing and modulation parameters.


Falcon 15 has been refined over a period of years by an experienced team of technicians, psycho-acoustic experts and designers specializing in the development of professional audio equipment based on DSP technology

The Falcon 15 processing stage provides for analog stereo audio inputs (a digital input is available as an option). You can choose between two different Output types: analog stereo or composite MPX (i.e. suitable for a direct transmitter connection or a STL radio link).

Falcon 15 processing is based on 3 compressors related to Bass, Mid and High audio bands. The wide range of preset curves and the sophisticated AGC stage allows all users (even unskilled) to achieve astonishing results for density, richness and colour of the sound… An unique ‘signature’ for Yr radio sound !

The digital MPX stereo coder (built-in) makes adjustements easy. The Falcon 15’s performance is enhanced by the addition of the Stereo Coder which ensures the best ratio between signal density and modulation level. Together with the automatic composite clipper (always included), Falcon 15 MPX Stereo Coder ensures a modulation quality much better than that presented by external coders.

Digital audio input (optional) supports a wide range of numerical formats (including AES3/EBU and S/PDIF) with several sample rates. Thanks to its automatic recognition of the injected signal and connection type (optic or coaxial), the Falcon 15 digital input doesn’t require any specific configuration.

Digital RDS coder (optional) provides the services : PS, PI, PTY, M/S, AF, RT, DI, TP, TA. Program service Name (PS) may be broadcast in a sequential mode (up to 8 different words) and with scrolling effect. RDS programming is achieved through the Pc software which comes with the unit.

The Falcon 15 processor comes with Windows software specifically designed for remote monitoring and control of all the processor sections ( the generation of the MPX signal to the level of AGC), as well as message editing and enabling RDS services.

Examples of typical applications:
equipment configuration directly at the transmitting site, for example by means of a laptop PC
• local control via serial cable
• Two serial ports optocoupled provide for remote Pc control or for firmware upgrade (when required). Firmware upgrade may be performed directly by the user.

Falcon 15 is available in two versions:
• FALCON 15 ST(featuring processed stereo output only - requires external stereo coder)
• FALCON 15 FM (featuring MPX output only)

Optionals (plug-in):

For both versions:
• digital Audio Input (DG-IN)

For FM version only:
• RDS coder
• SPLIT circuit

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