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Rds Coder Bilgileri


Digital Stereo Coder MPX
Digital RDS coder
Limiter audio
Stereo Enhancer
Clipper MPX
Total remote Control via TCP/IP, RS232, modem
Designed for big FM broadcasters, ideal for small radio stations too
Advanced PS management
Full UECP (SBP-490) support

The SHARK range comprises an MPX stereo generator (with or without associated input audio limiter), a UECP-compliant (SBP-490) RDS encoder plus additional versions which accurately combine these functions in one single piece of equipment.

Using state-of-art, high-speed DSP technology, Shark range ensures the purest modulation quality without any artefact (the whole processing is performed by phase linear filters). Digital architecture also guarantees long term reliability and easy firmware s.
Sharks specifications and operation have been accurately designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements in the FM Stereo encoding and in the RDS generation.
There are FIVE versions available: Stereo coder only (M version), Stereo coder with audio limiter + AGC at the input (ML version), RDS coder only (R version), RDS coder + Stereo coder (MR version), Limiter + Stereo coder + RDS coder (MLR).

The RDS- only and the top version (MLR) also feature, as an option, a TCP/IP interface for full remote and UECP programming over the Ethernet.
Although SHARK range is primarily addressed to big FM radio broadcasters and syndicated FM Networks, the design has been carefully budgeted in order to make Sharks technology affordable for small radio stations or local broadcasters, too.
Its outstanding features make SHARK particularly suitable for installation at the remote transmitter sites, receiving processed audio via STLs and directly driving the FM exciters.

There are several option available. In addition to TCP/IP, the Shark can be equipped with a AES/EBU digital audio input, with RS232 or RS422/485 ports, with a Split circuit to alternate on its output the internally-generated Composite signal or an external MPX.

The Limiter stage (optional) helps in keeping the deviation controlled in presence of fast peaks and avoid distortions at the output if, in addition to overshoot phenomenon, the input source suffers of very quick jumps in levels (for example, such as those which occur when switching between different studios, when alternating Advertisment spots and regular programs, etc). Furthermore, the Limiter option also includes an AGC stage (which automatically adjusts the input gain in order to compensate for STL fading or variations in the level of signal at the input), a Stereo Enhancer and an audio Changeover for automatic switching between inputs (analog / digital) in the event of silence.
A dedicated Pc control software (BSN) comes with the units. It allows remote / direct monitoring and control of all the encoder sections. The software is also a useful tool for the centralized control of SHARK encoders installed at remote transmitting sites, where the units can be addressed either individually or within groups. Communications to the remote units can be achieved via IP, via mono-directional or bi-directional links or even via GSM or POTS modems.

A textual (ASCII) Configuration Editor allows parameter setting saving, recalling and even duplicating on multiple Targets very easily. The Shark package comprises also the Network Backup Manager, which is a powerful tool designed to perform the of single remote Target or Group of Targets via TCP/IP and the automatic modification via TCP/IP of current configuration of ed Targets or whole Groups of targets.
The RDS encoder supports all the most recent RDS services, fulfilling CENELEC normative (EN 50067, release 1998). In particular, Shark features the following services: TMC, PI, TP, TA, M/S, RT, PSN, PTY, DI, AF, PIN, EON, CT, EWS, IH on the basis of Data Set.

Featuring the Universal Encoder Communications Protocol (UECP), the Shark RDS coder can be easily interfaced to hard disk automation systems and offers a standardized interface which supports song and artist identification and much more. In addition to UECP methods, RDS programming has been also enriched with PS Scrolling (of up to 64 charcaters) and PS Sequence sets (also available in dynamic mode) and with powerful scheduling capabilities of up to 64 events, on a minute-per-minute basis.


LIM MPX Limiter + MPX stereo encoder
LIM/ MPX/RDS Limiter + MPX stereo encoder + RDS encoder
MPX MPX stereo encoder
RDS RDS encoder
MPX/RDS MPX stereo encoder + RDS encoder

Optional Description
SHK 2S 2 additional serial RS232 ports
SHK DG-IN AES/EBU digitale audio input (optical and coaxial)
SHK Split Split system for MPX signals
SHK-IP TCP/IP remote interface - available only for RDS and LIM/MPX/RDS versions
SHK-2S+ 2 additional Seriali ports RS422/485

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