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Rds Coder
   Dolphin (1)
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   Falcon15 (1)
   Falcon35 (1)
   Falcon50 (1)
   Çizgi film (3)
   Neon HD-SD Sanal stüdyo (1)
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Rds Coder Bilgileri


Full-Digital RDS coder
Total software remote control
Advanced dynamic PS management
Easy interface to hard disk automation systems
RDS characters customizable for different countries
Dedicated sw interface for DJ and announcers

The Dolphin is an easy to use dynamic RDS encoder which supports all services and features in common use. Dolphins specifications and operation have been accurately designed to satisfy the most demanding requirements in the RDS generation and broadcasting.

Using state-of-art, high-speed DSP technology, Dolphin ensures the purest modulation quality (the whole processing is performed by phase linear filters). Its digital architecture also guarantees long term reliability and easy firmware s.A powerful Pc control software comes with the unit. It allows control and setting in an easy and intuitive way of all RDS data and of signal generation parameters (level and phase, synchronism source, etc). The basic software screen always displays, in real time, PS and RT content currently on air, allowing a full and immediate monitor of RDS broadcasting, even when a FM tuner is not available.

A software module available as an option (i-PS technology) further boosts new PS management features: it eliminates every PS programming constraint and leaves the maximum freedom in terms of message length, save / recalling facilities and message editing masks. Any text can be entered and broadcast on-the-fly both as a full PS sequence or in a scrolling mode.

Furthermore, featuring a true ASCII communication protocol, i-PS software module enables the Dolphin coder to be easily and quickly interfaced to any hard disk automation systems, for song and artist identification on PS fields and much more...!

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